Wednesday, 25 November 2015

xtra math

 this is my xtra math results I think i'm getting better each time I go on xtra math well I hope that's happening to me and people that are struggling with xtra math. I really want to make it to subtraction

Thinking groups week 7

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Wedges Experiment

Wedges Experiment

To find out which teeth are used for biting and chewing foods.Why do we use certain teeth for biting and chewing.

I think my front teeth will be used to bite the bread. I think you use your back teeth to eat the the banana.

The teeth I used to dig into the orange was my incisors and then to chew was my molers.
I used my incisors and my canines to bite a hole in the bread and use your molars to chew on the bread.

Screenshot 2015-11-24 at 2.06.41 PM.png

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

xtra math

This is my xtra math work I did im getting worse by the time because I have not been paying attention to maths lately I am mostly paying attention to reading and stuff like that. 

thinking groups week 5 and 6

This is my thinking groups that I made with Aung Naing. Me and Aung Naing made the week 5 and 6 problems and the answers. it was very hard to do the second question but I hope we did it right

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Comment to saint pats

this comment goes to saint pats this video was called save the word it was so sad why the piggies why!!!

Comment to tps

This Comment goes to Willy and his crew from tamiki primary school The video was called big hearted its a great film

Comment to pt England

This is a comment I sent to pt England School and the video was called the force it was re ally funny my favorite part was when the boy gets the bean bags thrown at his face

comment to pt England School

This comment goes to pt England for their great work they did well with the manaiakalani man it was very funny good work pt England

comment to audince

This is a comment to the audience that made comments on our film called the Marketeers magic they made fantastic comments

comment to room 4

This comment goes to room four and there awesome song i really liked the part when the robber was captured.

comment to room 5

     This is a comment to room 5 and their awesome film called check it it's a really cool song that they made.

comment to room 9

This is a comment to room nine their film was awesome the way Oh Hsen was running that was really funny

levers poster

Inclined plane poster

This is my Inclined plane poster that i made explaining some of the inclined planes  

Wedges Poster

This is my Wedges poster I have explained what the wedge is useful for and what some of the Wedges are.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Chopstick Challenge photo story

Chopstick Challenge Reacount

Chopstick Challenge

“Yessss!!!!!” As me and Jacob yell while Caesar picks up the wine gum and puts it into the bowl. Today we did a challenge. The Challenge was called the Chopstick Challenge. The Challenge rules were The was a line that was 1 meter and there were two bowls. The 2 bowls were separated between that one meter. Then we put wine gums in one of the bowls. Next we had the first round starting with Caesar. Caesar rushes to the bowl and picks up his first wine gum and put it into the bow. The next person was me so I got the chopsticks and I ran to the bowl on the other side … and I put into the bowl. Then it was Jacob's turn so he got the chopstick and done it well and there was our third wine gum. We kept on rotating like that until the time was up. We had lots of fun this was the best challenge ever.  

We had round to but with harder sweets to carry those sweets were pebbles. The chopsticks couldn’t pick the up because they were to slippery for the chopsticks. The wine gums were Thicker than the pebbles so they were easy to carry. The pebbles really put up a good game. Some people were really good with chopsticks so they know how to pick up the pebbles and put them in the other bowl. The easiest sweet to pick up was obviously the wine gums because they were not slippery.

There were a lot of sweets when we had to do the pebbles I knew they were hard to pick up but I tried. I took too long and the time ran out because I did not know how to pick up the pebbles. MY friend Joseph and Alex were doing amazing until we got in their way. We only had one pebble at the time and that from Caesar. Our team was really struggling with the pebbles. We were the team with the lowest points so far. We tried our best and we got only one point.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Chopstick Challenge

Today we did a Challenge It was called the Chopstick Challenge The rules There were bowls. The bowls were measured 1 meter apart. We had to use Chopsticks to Grab a sweet and bring it one bowl to the other bowl

Friday, 6 November 2015

multiplication Array 3

Multiplication Array 2

xtra math

Duffy show Recount

“Hahahahahaha” as I burst into laughter while watching the duffy show roleplay. It was funny there was a girl that hates books. Then she meets Duffy and then Duffy was asking questions as in what do you like she answered “television”. The in one question she answered Harry Potter so they got a Harry Potter book and she read it. Then she became a bookworm and made her finish her homework in no time.

And then in the end we all got to ask questions I wasn’t picked not once. I had a blast watching that roleplay. I was has as happy as a rocket shooting off into space when show took place.The Duffy show was the best because I have never laughed like that in ages. I liked the show the books they read became reality.

I was having the time of my life when I experienced this show. This show was the best show yet well the best duffy show I saw in ages. The results of this was a 9 out of 10. This show was better than the one at my old school. The way they performed was amazing.

My favorite character in this show was Duffy,mrs mundy,Terry the gardening fairy and Siena. The show really inspired me I thought it was going to be boring. My favorite part of the show was when Mrs mundy raps that was so cool. They did a great job at making the kids laugh. They gave us some tips on how to get changed really fast 1 just throw your clothes of or 2 distract the kids if one person takes to long to get changed.

I just want to thank the people who came up with this idea It really made me and all the other kids put a smile on their face. And plus this experience was amazing. The kids really enjoyed it I enjoyed it. This Duffy show really made everyone happy.

Thanks Duffy    

Recount on time out with family and friends


“I got it!!” MY cousin Armani - Jean shouts. One day me and my family went to the beach called mission bay. Before we got there we went to count down to get some treats. The treats we bought was 1 Bottle of Coke,1 Bottle of Sprite,3 Boxes of Shapes and some lollies.

After that we put all of our food on the table and then us kids played on the park. Then we got off the park and played cricket I was batting first. My cousin Keri bowled the ball and I hit it. Next my cousin Armani - Jean bowled the ball and … as soon as I hit the ball I was out my cousin Armani - Jean caught it right away.

We all got a turn then we ate some food and then played on the park again. I went on the swing until we left so did my cousins. Then we went home and I played Xbox because I am a game freak. And then my cousins came over to my place so we played handball. I won most of the games in Handball. Then they left when I ask them to play on the Xbox with me.