Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Narrative burger

This is my work on the Narrative Hamburger i Had some help from others we had to read the Narrative and these are some things that happened in the narrative

How to be a successful learner

LS1 favorite ice cream flavours.

Cookies and cream has the most votes out of all of the rest of the ice cream flavours. There where 19 that voted for Cookies and Cream.

Vanilla has the least votes of all the ice cream flavours. Seven people chose vanilla

Chocolate has the second most votes of the ice cream flavours.The total was 16 people that voted.

None of the ice cream flavours are liked by the same number of people.

There is a pattern that goes small big.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

LS1s birthdays

Today i have learnt how to create a graph
the month that was celebrated the most is april.
the month that was celebrated the least was december.
November , March and november are celebrated the same  each month is celebrated three times.
march and july are the same.
june and august are also the same.

the birthdays at the start are low then high.