Monday, 14 September 2015

argument scaffold By Taylor

By Taylor

Swimming Pools
What is my argument?
My opinion for or against
I am against having a school pool at Panmure Bridge School because most children don't want it and there could be bullying by big kids.
Reason Other schools
Supportive details

In the NZ Herald there was an article that some schools would share their facility with  other schools to get more money for their swimming pool. If I were a principal I wouldn't do such a thing. It’s cheating because you are getting more money than usual because you are dividing the money between two schools.    
Reason 2

Supportive details

There could be a lot of money spent on the pool when we could spend it on school equipment like basketballs and soccer balls. There could be leaks in the pool that could take weeks to repair and more money to pay. The pool can also get old and might be dirty. It would cost a lot of money to clean it.
Reason 3
Supportive details

There could be games that the students like but they get kicked out because they were so excited. They could take the game seriously and hurt someone. Bullying could occur. Bullies could push people into the water and they might hit their head against the concrete which may result in bleeding noses and knees. This would mean the  water would have to be cleaned. Games could cause injuries too. An example of this is playing tag in the water. Students could hurt each other by hitting hard. They could be playing hide and seek in and out of the pool. If they were out of the pool they would stay and they might not go back to class because they wouldn’t know the game was over. There could also be a lot of drowning incidents.

I think having a school swimming pool is a bad idea because I don’t want my school to cheat in money and the games could be dangerous.
We could also use the money for other things such as sporting equipment and technology.

Friday, 11 September 2015

xtra math

This is my xtra math results i'm getting a little bit better at answering question's 

Friday, 4 September 2015

xtra math

This is my xtra math results i'm getting worse my tactic is failing me or i'm just not doing that well with my tactic