Monday, 30 March 2015

Kei Hea a Murphy?

My Xtra maths results

                                            This is my xtra maths results im getting better

Friday, 27 March 2015

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Fruit Burst sumarry

Fruit Burst Summary

There are five students in my group and these are some of our summaries that we found out. In our group we were learning to write a summary about the flavours that are in the packet.

The flavour that had the most in the packet was Wildberry. Wildberry had nine lollies.
The second largest flavour is orange because it had eight lollies. The third largest flavours was banana because it had five. Strawberry had the least lollies in the packet because there were two lollies in the packet.

My team and I  found out the most sweets, the least sweets and sweets that were the same amount in the packet.
There were less strawberry and lemon and lime sweets in the packet. The most was Wild berry. Wild berry had 9 sweets. Orange had 8 sweets. It was close to Wild berry.  

The lemon and lime and the strawberry had the least amount of lollies in the packet. They both had the same number in the packet. There were 2 sweets of each flavour in the packet.

Wildberry had the most lollies in the packet. There were 9 Wildberry lollies.

De Niro

Wildberry has the most sweets because it has 9 and orange is one less than wildberry because  it has 8. The flavours that has the same amount were strawberry and lemon and had two lollies in the packet.

Dancing relection

Friday march 27
Dance reflection term 1:the day the Treaty of Waitangi was signed.
What Dancing skills do you think you have learned? answer: Not to really jump around and do fancy dance
What else do you think you need to learn? answer: How to dance properly
How well was the dance performed? answer: we did really well as a team the dance was a bit out of place and all over the show

Thursday, 26 March 2015

My xtra maths results

this is my work on Xtra maths im trying to get all questions right so I can move on to the subtraction level I get some questions wrong because I sort of wiz through my questions because I want to get all of them into smiley faces I really need to improve on my ones in the white and yellow I will improve by thinking about my answer before pushing the butons

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Fruit Burst investagation on a Digatal graph

<iframe width="600" height="371" seamless frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src=";format=interactive"></iframe>

I found out that wildberry has the most  loilles in the packet the lemon and lime has the least amount we had

recepie for chocolate crackles

Today we learnt how to write a procedure. A procedure is a thing you follow step by step just like follwing rules but to make stuff. This is a procedure I made myself. This procedure is on how to make chocolate crackles. This was ingreadents step by step on how to make chocolate crackles

title: how to make chocolate crackles
Tuesday march 26

Step 1. Pour in four cups of Rice bubbles.

Step 2. Pour in one cup of Icing sugar.

Step 3. pour in one cup of Coconut.

Step 4. Tip in 3 tablespoons of Cocoa.

Step 5. then pour 250 grams of grams.

Step 6. then get paper baking cups.        

                      Step 1. Melt the Kremelta on top of the stove or in a microwave
                      Step 2. place the baking cups on the plates

                      Step 3. pour 4 cups of Rice bubbles

                      Step 4. Measure one cup of Icing sugar then pour it into the the bowl

                      Step 5. Measure one cup of Coconut and pour it into the bowl

                      Step 6. measure the cocoa and pour it into the bowl

                      Step 7. Pour the Kremelta into the bowl

                      Step 8. stir the ingredients together

                      Step 9. spoon the chocolate crackles mixture into the paper baking cups

                      Step 10. put the chocolate crackles in the fridge for three hours

                      Step 11. Take them out of the fridge and the chocolate crackles are done and                                
                                      please enjoy

     served: 50 people  

Monday, 23 March 2015

my xtra maths results

this is my xtra maths results this work here is going up the i think they added another tick on tho my work i think

Friday, 20 March 2015

blog comenting

My Xtra maths results

This is my xtra maths results i am getting a little bit better but as in told you this is a great site to practice your maths if your not good at it

Thursday, 19 March 2015

woven art work

This is my work on this wove art work this was a really hard and i mean really hard this was the most hardest task i came across but this was a really hard task to complete but i did what a day

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My time at the swimming pool

  Taylor's work on a swimming

This my work on a fun time at the swimming pools  

learning intention
I am learning to write a hook (an exciting beginning) that
captures audience interests levels.

“Canon ball” as I bombed into the water. One day my Mum asked me if I wanted  go to the hydro slide pools and I said “yes” so we got our swimming gear out and made our way to the pools. Once we got there I just went hard and fast (the easy way to get warmer) into the water i was just so happy that day.

It was a miracle i love parents everyday because of it. Anyway we went back home and we had some fun and snacks and lived like the best family ever.I didn't get to go down the slide because I didn't buy the band really sad I didn't get the band for the diving board also really sad.Anyway I wouldn't blame my parents I did have some good parents anyway we also went to the store/dairy to get some goodies. we had a really fun time I liked I think my Mum loved it my auntie baby would loved it really like I really liked it I don't know if we'll ever go again I wish I could go to that place again with my Mum my Dad my brother it will be a life time for him.

this is my time at the swimming with me and my mum i wish my dad came but swimming is not a verry fun hobbie to him but thats alright i dont blame him

ice cream combanations

this is my presintation about ice cream combanations you can make the ice cream combanations

chocolate crackles

Taylor's work on chocolate crackles

 learning intention
                  I am learning to use a hook to capture audience interests
Crack,crunch as the chocolate crackles went into my mouth. One day my teacher came in class and asked us if we wanted to make chocolate crackles. The whole class said yes. Then our teacher brought in the ingredients we needed to make the chocolate crackles. The ingredients   
were coconut cocoa icing sugar kramelta rice bubbles and the rest I forgot. Then we finished the chocolate crackles and then me and the other 5 people went to take them up to the fridge the school fridge by the way we waited till the end of the day to eat them we did writing maths and                                                                                                                     coloring in. At the end of the day we got the crackles out of the fridge when  we got back then the class was empty and then miss millward called us into her classroom then everyone was in her class we noticed they were being bad so then miss millward said “no chocolate crackles for you”.       
                                                                                                                       there was roles and the roles were sorting out the baking cups,the fun job
was pouring in the rice bubbles, and using the measuring cup to put a cup of icing sugar into the bowl the rich and yum part of the chocolate crackles                            
was the cocoa and the people that did the ingredients were Alex, Nyjah, Sharon, Riley, Joel, Shaliah, Tai, Liam, Sanujan, Aung naing, Alaree’o and the last part was everyone mixing the ingredients together.                

This is my chocolate crackles work this was a struggle to complete this activity was from us making chocolate crackles on friday our teacher said beacuse she wanted to our see acurate mesurement these chocolate crackles were cold on my teeth this work we completedwe ate them at the end of the day they were yum but i got a sore stomoch

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My Fruit Burst investigation

this my fruit burst investigation i made this took me along time to complete but me and my team sucsesfully manegend to complete

Monday, 16 March 2015

My xtra mats results

this is my Xtra mats results this is how well and bad i do at maths this is a really fun site i am getting better and doing well at maths this is a really fun site to practice on this is how i became confident into doing maths i have alot of quetions to figer out but i have been doing alot lately i have become really confident in maths so this is a really good site to practice on

Friday, 13 March 2015

My blog comenting

This is for the people that do great work what a start to the term

My Xtra maths results

This my xtra maths results i doing good i just need a little bit more to acomplish

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Grandpa's Chocolate

This is my maths today I have learnt how to double numbers ad still get the answer right it is not really easy to figer them out

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My Mihi in Maori

                                            This is my mihi in Maori. This was hard to complete
but I got it done with a little bit of help from my teacher and mostly my Mum and Dad. It was easy when it came to the end. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

my Xtra maths results

                                          this is my Xtra maths results I got a work on alot of qustions