Thursday, 28 May 2015

xtra math

This is my xtra math im not doing well im going to have to do better to improve so that's not good because im falling behind im going to improve hopefully anyway so things aren't really going well for me im doing so bad i was doing so good now that person is just is not inside me anymore now my body thinks it is easier to do but i think addition is easier well if your not being timed at least i want to have fun but the smart person inside me is gone i want to times tables instead i wanted to have fun

quatrers poster

this is my quarters poster i made it on Google drawing it was fun i liked it so much i wanted to do more but there was not enough space so that's a bumer  

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

what is a half

this is my exploring halves i made in Google presentation it was so fun this was just the best t make it was so fun a half is something cut into two equal pieces

My exploring wholes and halves presentation

this is my exploring halves and wholes presentation it was fun to make the titles that i made i think they are funny because there not ordinary ones but they are funny ones as i said this is really fun to do i liked so much and i think you will to

xtra math

this is my xtra math results im not doing well i got most of them right because my speedy  fingers are doing me well but my speedy fingers also decide to hit the wrong keys so thats disappointing so im going to have to work on that

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My De bono's six thinking hats using kiwi kids news

this is my De bono's six thinking hats that i made on Google presentation it was so fun i wanted to do more but there was no more thinking hats

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Xtra math

this is my Xtra Math results im getting better so i might improve this year and make my way up to subtraction and the rest but probably not but i am here to improve my goal to get to subtraction at least get subtraction i want to make a goal my goal has been made progress is about to made xtra math time in the morning i really want to get up to subtraction that is my goal i want to climb my way up to subtraction i really really want to make it to subtraction but i think its not going to happen this year but never give up on your dreams that's what they always say

multipling by three

this is my multipling by three were that i made on Google drawing it was really fun i liked so much i wanted to do more i think i can but im not going to waste my writing time to do math so it was pretty fun so i enjoyed myself i want to more

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The simile challenge

This is my simile challenge that took forever to make. It was fun. I had so many ideas. I didn't know which ideas were good and which ideas were bad. So i just used any but it was fun.

Finding half of values

this is my Finding half of these values that i made on Google drawing I've had fun doing this activity and i think you'll it to if you don't mind your teacher doing but it is alot of fun doing this activity i like it i hop edoing it again sometime in the future because this was fun

xtra math results

this is my xtra math results im not doing well im not going to improve if i don't im going to do things the right way and im going to improve

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

xtra math results

this is my xtra math results im doing bad on race the teacher but anything else im good at i need to improve on my typing skills

Friday, 15 May 2015

Xtra maths reaults

this is my Xtra math results i not doing well unfotuntlly its like im doing good now im doing bad so im going to be improving later on in the year

kiwi kids news Quiz

zoo trip by Taylor

‘I'm having the time of my life’ .As we walk past the elephant (the elephant was fake because it was metal) and into the African animals exhibit there was Zebras, Giraffes, rhino and all sorts of African animals we saw the hippo’s next.The hippo kept on popping out of the water but it to hard to get a picture of it so we moved on to a mysterious bridge that had  a spring bok over the bridge was the flamingos the flamingo looked awesome i wish i could balance like that on one leg.

We went to see a lion just sitting there turning around we had parent helpers with us as well we had Emmy (Alex's mum) Amelia (Juliet’s aunty) Diana (Shailah’s sister) and a teacher miss Linda and we went of to the elephant and then we went back to the lions and then we went past the lions and we went to the turtles habitat well it wasn't really a habitat because there wasn't much to it all it was is turtles box and them eating weeds from the garden

then we went to the pink bottom monkeys the baboons they were so cute because they had a baby baboon it was so cute that i wanted to go into the exhibit and pat it i couldn't help it but … we left it and we moved on to the to the birds we went to the i forgot first name and the parakeet it was eating seed’s it was beautiful i loved it.

the next thing was the lizard’s they were climbing the walls and being sneaky they were camoflage i wanted to see those one’s but they were to steahly then we went to the seals they were show offs they kept on doing tricks near the glass show offs then we went to the penguins they weren’t show offs they were nice little penguins underneath the boat they have there own personal shade shelter they must rich

then we saw the meerkats they were all gone but if you went in the tunnel’s you will see a whole lot of them they were a army force hiding in their trenches they were so cool those were the best i liked them and then we went to the barn to see all the animals that live on the barn there were pigs and all sorts.

then the elephant from earlier came walking down the zoo with a zookeeper it was awesome because the last time i went to the zoo the elephant didn’t walk at all so this was a afternoon stroll or something because that’s awkward it doesn't do that often so that is a winner but not so much because some people saw it before me so thats a bummer

then we went to the orangutans and had lunch after that and then we went to go meet our person that would take us on a tour her name was laura we had lots of fun together we went to see the tigers and they came up to the glass it does not normally do that so thats a winner i loved the tour then we went back to the lizards and after looking at the lizards we stayed there do you know why we stayed we stayed because we were going to feel a dead snake’s body it was smooth then the other side was rough

then we went to the galapagos tortoise and felt a little baby shell it was hard but the tortoise in it past away so that was sad but next we were going to the spider monkeys but they were always funny then the tour ended and we all went to school.
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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

find half

xtra maths results

Xtra math

this is my xtra maths results i have been working hard to get this results and it take alot of time im getting pretty good all of a sudden but  think thats good

Monday, 11 May 2015

xtra math results

this is my xtra maths results i was doing race the teacher that only brings up these results but i am doing well this is how many i got right in a row

Friday, 8 May 2015

school trip to the zoo

Thursday may 7
Today we went to the zoo and learnt more about animals and what they ate my favorite parts were the tigers and spider monkeys because they were funny and cool. The tiger kept standing next to us this was a really fun and cool trip it was awesome a trip the best animals that were the spider monkeys there were funny as.I loved the tiger because mylek the boss she doesn't really sit around the glass and she did it to us i was amazed.   

xtra maths results

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015


this is things you can do to make a half this is really fun to do because if you like the maths that you do at school this is the perfect thing for you

skip counting

This is my skip counting in fives this was a really fun activty i was skip counting backwards i started from 100

hundreds board master

This is my hundreds board that i made using google drawing it was fun and easy I really liked it.It was really fun

Xtra maths results